I called and opened up an RRSP account this afternoon! I've been meaning to do this for a couple of weeks now so it's great to cross that off my to-do list! Since I still have between 27-32 years of work left, depending on if I retire at 55 or 60, I opted for an aggressive growth portfolio.. we'll see how that goes. Off the bat I contributed $75 and I have an automatic withdrawl set for that amount every second Wednesday when I get paid. I also plan to dump some of my leftover money into this account until I reach my limit.

Speaking of my limit, I still have no clue what it is since the Government still hasn't sent my tax info for this year! They're awful quick when I owe them money but when it's the other way around not so much!

While I was on the phone with the bank I also discussed my options for my existing credit line. I planned on using it for school fees. What happens with school is that I pay up front for a course, once I've successfully completed it my work place reimbourses me. Up until now I've been leaving the charges on my CIBC Visa and paying a ridiculous 19% interest rate! The person I spoke with at Royal Bank suggested I open up a student line of credit so that's what I did, hopefully the application goes through and I get a better interest rate! Since I still work full time it'll take me at least 6 years to get my full degree so every little bit certainly helps.

I spent so much time on the phone today. I called Dell to confirm they had received my final payment, and yes they did! In fact they owe me a little bit of money, around $5. Citi sent me a 'Paid in Full' notice for my loan with a cheque for $0.65 since I had overpaid! My only debt right now is the money from my courses that needs to be transferred to the credit line once it gets approved! Such a great feeling!


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